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Hi all!

Today's journal is a little insight on how I make Longue Vue's pieces. 

Longue Vue's design are minimalistic. That doesn't mean they're simple to make, quite the contrary actually, it means a lot of attention is put into the details that make each piece great, unique and of the highest quality possible.

The process is generally the same : a lot of experimentations in order to get the right shapes, colours, textures, and then a very clear sense of the way I am going to cut them in order to get the best out of these textures. A lot of patience and love for the craft is required :)

Each piece requires a very precise mix of clay to obtain consistant colours. Whenever I come up with a new colour mix or shape, I note these down in a notebook. Referring to this notebook is the only way for me to recreate similar pieces or improve on existing designs. It's like my secret recipes book !


Making 3


Getting the textures to look right is a matter of patience and experience. Still today, it often takes me a few tries before getting the texture just right. A texture has to be balanced, it needs a sense of motion, it needs to be composed. It is never totally random. Getting a texture right is basically creating the best possible conditions for such textures to appear when mixing.


If I am experimenting, the next step will be presenting the pieces together, finding the right combination. Tweaking the pieces, like cutting them, changing the shapes...From there I operate more choices. It is like I am curating the raw pieces in order to extract the best parts of them. Which way is the texture going to complement the shape ? If I cut this way ? Or that way ?



Once happy with the design (and I am very picky on that part, so it will take a lot for me to be happy with a design), I will then make holes, as clean as possible.

And finally, I'll bake them, clean them, sand them, polish them to get the best possible finish and I will assemble the piece.

That's it ! After all these efforts and a lot of love for the craft, a new piece is born and ready to be worn !



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