Behind the scene

In the new Collection Kandinsky, I am very much inspired by my favourite artist Wassiliy Kandinsky. I admire his sensibility and genius of forms and colours, and just love the way he composes his paintings.
When exploring new forms and textures using polymer clay, I tried to incorporate and translate his idea of colours and composition as much as possible into my jewellery design work. And once again, I have to tell that I'm utmost surprised by the raw material polymer clay. It proves itself again to be such versatile and limitless. You can mould it, shaped it, bend it into whatever shape you like, with the right technique and skill applied, polymer clay seems to be so gentle to my way of design. 

This collection is evolving and I will add more pieces of necklace and earrings with time. Below are some pictures from the last shoot. 

If you are curious to discover this amazing material to customize your own accessories, I conduct jewellery and accessories as well as decorative art classes throughout the year at various locations in Singapore (and sometimes in France). All classes and workshops focus on different techniques how to work with polymer clay and foiling with golden leaves (as well as other materials such as gemstones or metal wires), and I always start to share my knowledge with you step by steps, starting from the basic to give you a good foundation before creating and making you own unique pieces using not only polymer and gold leaves, but of course and most importantly, your new acquired skill.
The workshop are designed in a way that you will take home not only the finished designs and products, but alway a new awesome skill that can be fine tuned on your own at home. Read the many testimonies of our previous workshop students.
And I will always be there if you need answers or assistance after our creative art session. Just drop be a line at :-) I hope to see you soon!

You can check the full collection of the creative and jewelry art classes on the link below.



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