Craft training for GROW - Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Longue Vue Design Supporting Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop (GROW)

GROW was established in September 1984. It is a sheltered workshop that provides vocational training and sheltered employment for adults aged 18 years old and above with Cerebral Palsy and other associated disability conditions.

The trainees are trained to work activities at social enterprise initiatives and sheltered workshop. Such vocational activities provide meaning to the trainees; fulfil their desire for self-development, self-esteem and provide an avenue for them to reach out socially to the public.

With Longue Vue Design, I have worked closely with CPAS clients by giving them special insights into the art of hand-made jewellery making. The creative sessions are usually very therapeutic for the clients, so like this time. As most of the clients suffer from different conditions, from mild to severe physical disabilities and sometimes, dealing with clay is not always the easiest. I'm trying the best I can to make the jewellery making accessible for everyone and after practising and practising, all of us were able to create marbling pattern and make a wide range of shapes out of raw clay. E. even made the tubes super well and I was as much proud as he was. 

As usual, trainees from GROW also joined the session and get insights about the handmade jewellery making. They will use the tips and trips I shared during the training with the, and keep practising with the CPAS clients in further craft session. Together, they will also make small accessories for fundraising event. 

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