Craft workshop for Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore

Longue Vue Design for Good is a social non-profit initiative I started to help and support charities and NGOs with my designs. On selected months, I donate 100% of my jewellery sales as well as a part of workshop revenue to help vulnerable children, teenage girls and adults. All pieces are hand-made created from scratch and therefore very unique and personal. Thanks to you the supporters, I could support CPAS Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore with almost $3000 SGD through charity workshops and jewellery sales. I'm so immensely thankful for this, and very happy for the beneficiaries.

Working with CPAS came naturally when the organisation reached out to me and ask me to participate in a Charity event where I promptly said "yes". From there and after the Charity event, I kept visiting the school, learning more about the structure of CPAS as well as the health conditions of the clients and I felt really touched, so I decided to engage myself and support CPAS with what I can. Reading and researching more about CP, I’m much more aware right now that many people in the world suffer from this complex and lifelong disability. And I think it’s our responsibility to show solidarity, raise awareness and practice inclusiveness so that people suffering from Cerebral Palsy are not discriminated against. And of course, help to improve their lives - if we can. 

Through my craft workshop, I try to help Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore in a more profound way than just money donation through the sales of the jewels. I have started providing free training in the art of hand-made jewellery making to CPAS staff and clients. Our first session was in August 18th 2018 and I do hope that the insights and skills they learnt from the craft sessions will empower them and give them more confidence about the fact that art can be made accessible to everyone. And there is no reason why people with CP should not practice and succeed with it. Looking forward to the next session again. :)


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