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I am truly lucky to get in touch with inspiring and talented people through my workshops. You decide to share you knowledge and skills, but in the end, you also learn a lot about people's creativity here in Singapore. 

My last Longue Vue Design workshop covered two main part that is important for the making of your clay jewellery. In the theory part, I shared the basics about colours and composition, tips and tricks to mix and create your own unique colours. Everyone got the chance to practice making different types of shapes and patterns on the clay which I demonstrated as well. The techniques are numerous and tricky, but I will give my best advices so that you can pick up the skill quickly! 
And to be honest, it is really nice to see people making notes, giving their best to reproduce shapes or patterns they just saw. A lot of questions came up: "How come you decided this kind of colours for Longue Vue Design?", "Can I also reproduce your piece on Longue Vue Design store?", "Can you show me how to create another technique for polka dots?"... And I know: they're really interested! :) 

The second part is usually the most fun part, not only for me, but also for all attendees. As in all my designing and making workshops, a palette of colourful (polymer) clay is presented to everyone. And I was very happy that each of the attendee chose another colour, decided to make their own shape to create their own necklace. Everyone wished to design and make their one-of-a-kind jewellery! (The Longue Vue Design - spirit just hooked everyone! )

Once again, I was fascinated by the creativity and productivity of everyone who joined. Some made one or two necklaces, some even managed to make 3 necklaces (she said, 2 was for her and 1 for her sister). That made me very proud! :-)

That was my view on the workshop, but if you'd like to know how our participants experienced the workshops, you can read their testimonies here.

Hope you will join our next class! Drop me a line if you'd like to know more: alice@longuevuedesign.com


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