Longue Vue means “telescope” in French, a telescope meant to capture memories that translate into 100% hand-made statement jewellery. Each single piece is delicately hand-formed in an attempt to trap fragmented memories of places the designer has lived in; colours and sounds she seeks to remember.

The common thread of Alice's designs are the striking simplicity of geometric shapes and the richness of organic textures. Her  intent is always to “catch an ephemeral moment, a good memory”.

Longue Vue Design's Audience

Longue Vue speaks to the modern woman who loves originality and fashion. She likes to incorporate minimalistic designs with a playful twist. She’s looking for this little thing in between and, just for her, Longue Vue creates these elegant and low key statement jewellery pieces.


Longue Vue's first collection is named after and inspired by the CALANQUES, a most wonderful location near Marseille, Southern France. Calanques are fjord -like inlets carved into white limestone. One really has to witness these high sea cliffs and the pure turquoise water to perceive the uniqueness of this landscape.

The baltic sea and the surrounding landscape is the source of inspiration for the second collection BALTIQUE. For the designer, it is the place of her childhood where she spent vacations with her family. Pastel tones and sand-like texture dominate the Baltique collection. The aim is to catch the calmness and this magical light of the baltic sea. 

The Designer

Alice is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in jewellery, graphic design, photography and ceramics. Designing and creating has always been for her a journey where she can experiment and let her creativity run free.  




Alice is not only passionate about creating unique jewellery, but also loves to share knowledge and insights about designing and making jewellery. She truly believes that to inspire people to learn new things and to take up new creative projects are as much as important than making nice designs for her collections. That is the reason why she offers a wide range of DIY workshop focussed on jewellery where she can also share my passion for art and craft. 
At the workshop, Alice will share with you the principal skills and secrets she uses to create her pieces and encourages you to create your own pieces. You are not only taking beautiful hand-made (by you) jewels home, but a skill that might change the way you look into things.

The workshops focus on different material like polymer clay, foil leaves, gem stones, beads and sometimes metal. On the blog, she also shares also from time to time some insights about jewellery making.

Please click HERE for more informations on Workshops.

Workshops Policy

To guarantee the high quality of all the classes, all the workshops have limited seats.

Once you made your reservation via online store or bank transfer, you have block one or multiple seats and we have made all necessary preparations to welcome you at the workshop: materials, tools, drinks, snacks etc.
Once reserved, the workshops are NON refundable. In case of no show, the workshop is equally NON refundable.

Changes are subject to availability  and can only be made:
- one time without fee. If you need to change your date one more time, there will be a fee of 35% of the workshop price
- only max 2 weeks prior to the class date

Thank you for your understanding.



Longue Vue retailers

  • Kokois concept store, 24 Thao Dien | District 2, HCMC, Vietnam. Map.
  • Group Therapy, 49 Duxton Rd, #02-01, 089513, Singapore. Map.
  • Naiise Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #02-02/24, Singapore 238858. Map.
  • Naiise 112 Katong, 112 East Coast Road, I12 Katong, #01-31/32, Singapore 428802. Map.