From Patricia

"I enjoyed the 1st class so much that I've since attended a second class and signed up for a 3rd one! Alice is an inspiring teacher and generous in sharing her knowledge and tips. Love the organic designs taught by her and looking forward to the next class!"


From Alison

"By far the most interesting workshop I have attended. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly throughout our foiling class which Alice very kindly arranged for our small group of 5. Alice was very patient, knowledgable about her craft and prepared loads of snacks for us. Her home studio is really pretty and conducive to get our creative juices flowing. Am looking forward to joining another workshop with Alice."


From Joanne

I had really enjoyed myself at Alice Longue Vue Design Necklace and Earrings workshop. My workshop had complete newbies, who had no experience with DIY workshop, art and design but Alice was so encouraging cheering us on and helped inspire us to get our creative side out.

She was really patient throughout the whole class, going through the basics and she was very generous in sharing her knowledge and experience of what works and what doesn't (even giving us tips of what everyday kitchen tools we can use instead of buying expensive material as a beginner). In addition, she also gave us many practical design tips which we never thought about which I and the other girls appreciate when making our jewellery :)

I would highly recommend this class for beginners who never had experiences with DIY workshops and also group of friends who want to spend time having a fun activity. Thank you Alice for the wonderful time :)


From Judith

I really enjoyed Alice's workshop and lesson! I learnt a lot from it and took home many pearls of wisdom from her? After one lesson I was able to recreate the jewelry I made in her class and expand my creativity at home. She was also always ready to give me tips regarding clay jewelry.


From Tina

"This is definitely one of the best DIY workshops I have ever attended. Alice was very patient and guided us along the way. The necklaces we have made were really unique and gorgeous. What's great is that the class was kept small and we could get all our questions answered. Great chance to make new friends too!"


From Cheryl

Alice was an incredible host and her place (super lovely natural lighting) is perfect for holding such workshops. Really appreciate her attention to details; from the refreshments provided, our nicely written names to the apt music playing in the background. :) She was also very patient and was more than glad to share her knowledge regarding jewellery making. Our session also became an accidental hen's party session with Alice providing us with bubbly to celebrate the occasion! Would -definitely recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in polymer jewellery! :D


From Pristin

"Thank you Alice for the wonderful workshop/ hens party! :) Alice is very responsive to the multiple emails that I've sent, and she has been so helpful and patient with my questions and requests. It was a very interactive and enjoyable workshop session and we had a lot of fun, and we created beautiful necklaces and earrings. Alice uses quality materials (e.g. the strings for necklace.. From Japan! So that they wouldn't cause itch of any sorts). Thank you Alice!"


From Winnie

"I had a very enjoyable time at one of the workshops led by the very generous Alice at Longue Vue Design last weekend. Compared to another workshop that I went to (that was more focused on making a finished product), I thought this one was full of information and advice that will be very useful if i wanted to create my own accessories next time. Sometimes I may look at a piece of handmade accessory and think "Oh that's nice", put it down and move on, but learning about the thought process of the designing of a piece of pendant while using my fingers to mould and create made me really appreciate the beauty of the complete product. All the pieces that the participants made have their own story and they are really pretty! My mum who doesn't wear jewelry at all kept looking at my necklace and wanted to know more about it. Thank you very much Alice!"


From Xin Man

"You not only learn how to make your own accessories during Alice's workshop, you also learn the basics about polymer clay, and learn how to assemble aesthetic looking pieces together pleasantly!
Her home studio is really clean and homely, making the whole process really comfortable and relaxing! (Good choice of music btw )
It was worth each penny and I'd definitely recommend everyone to give it a try,
especially if you're interesting in making your own accessories.
Thank you for the workshop Alice!"


From Maria

"A truly remarkable experience as dear Alice is very patient and detailed in not only making sure we have a good time with refreshments and delicious snacks, but also personally attending to our needs and assisting with designs and creative input. A definite must-go for new insights, the experience itself is one to take home with forever."


From Valerie

"Alice is a detailed and patient instructor who took us through identifying various colour schemes to the actual shaping and conditioning of clay. At each stage, everyone was given ample time to practice and follow Alice's examples. While everyone was making their desired jewellery design, Alice was very helpful in giving advice and guiding participants in relation to the colour and shapes. Overall, I really enjoyed myself during the whole class and Alice is a real generous person who shares her craft and skills ! :) I will encourage anyone who wishes to learn a new skill or is looking for a way to unwind to sign up for this class".  


From Jade

"Really enjoyed the therapeutic afternoon. I now have a deeper appreciation for polymer clay jewelry! Looking forward to learning more techniques if you intend to open more classes."  


From Ee Peng

"I enjoyed the relaxing and homely atmosphere of the venue, love the french music! I have learned the necessary techniques of creating clay beads and making of a basic necklace.
The class is small and Alice is able to pay attention to everyone.  The workshop is very informative and she is willing to share.  Her patience and friendliness make the workshop very enjoyable.
I would definitely recommend somebody to the workshop as it is such an enjoyable activity over the weekend.  We get to learn something new and meet friends who share the same interests."

From Jowy

"I joined in the workshop on Saturday, the atmosphere was very calm and casual. The class was small which means none of us had to fight for attention. Alice, our teacher was very patient and friendly. She provided us with a lot of information, showed us the different techniques and gave us time to try it out before we started on our own jewellery. Although we overshot our time, I had fun and I wished I had more time! Loved the workshop! Thank you so much, Alice!"


From Jing Wen

"I find the workshop to be pretty enjoyable! I did not just learn how to make only the necklaces at the workshop, Alice's tips and suggestions are also very helpful in encouraging on what else we the students can make other than necklaces. So we learn not just about making one piece of jewellery but also about where she got her inspiration, where the materials can be found etc.
What I like most is like how friendly the atmosphere is! Everyone gave suggestions and helped each other which I find great. And while the we took too much time with making jewellery, I never once felt bored. I also like the small amount of people attending since I have attended workshops that have 20 people which can make it tough to get attention of the teacher but Alice immediately noticed when we had trouble while trying out the clay for the jewellery.
Alice is a fantastic teacher and i definitely would bring along a friend to join me when there is another workshop from Alice! My mother also loved the necklace I made during workshop :)"


From Xinying

"The workshop was good fun! I learnt a lot about working with the material and useful do's and don'ts; Alice was very patient in explaining and demonstrating each step. While I still need a lot of practice and help with shaping the clay, this course was a good introduction. A very detailed introduction in fact, since it spanned nearly 5 (fun) hours!
I liked how Alice took the time to explain some basic design principles as well, to understand how it affects the placement of beads and accessories making. It helped me better appreciate the amount of thought that goes into designing every jewellery piece too. :)
I loved how we got to work with quite a few methods and were able to pick out and combine the techniques we preferred. With help from Alice of course. {...}
Of course, I would recommend it to others or my friends! It gives a good introduction to several simple but crucial techniques. Very beginner-friendly, even if you've not done craft-related workshops or jewellery design before. I would be more careful about sanding the beads {to avoid scratch} But really, that's more of my fault than anything else. Everything else was good!
Thanks again for your time!"


From Charmaine

"I had an amazing time at the workshop today! Alice was an incredible host and teacher. She was very generous with her knowledge and ideas. Definitely looking forward to the next workshop. Thank you Alice! "


From Suli

"I passed on some of the skills I gained from this workshop to my mom who has Parkinson's Disease. The great thing about polymer clay is that you can’t really mess it up too badly and she produced a number of nicely-marbled beads. Above all, it was fun for her and it really helped distract from her condition. Molding the clay also helped her work on her fine motor skills. So your workshop had far-reaching benefits!"