LUNE - various colours Earrings - Longue Vue Design
LUNE - various colours Earrings - Longue Vue Design LUNE earrings - various colours LUNE - various colours Earrings - Longue Vue Design

This unique minimalist earrings are 100% handformed and handcrafted.

The pendent is ca. 2.3 cm large and hang on a 4.5 cm length of 14K gold-filled ear-wire. I use only premium material: the gold is non-tarnish and very suitable for sensitive skin. (Please note that there is a huge difference between gold-plated and gold-filled: goldplated jewellery are metal-jewellery with a very thin layer of gold whose origins and quality are very uncertain. I use only premium gold-filled products.)

Please note that you may not receive the exact piece as pictured since every single piece is 100% handmade from scratch. It will though very similar: I will use the same colours, amount of clay and apply the same techniques.
You will get a unique piece because no designs is exactly like one another. Very small imperfections are likely but this is part of the handmade charm!

Product overview:

Material: polymer clay, 14K gold-filled ear-wire
Colours: blue, grey, yellow: with marble effect. Please indicate the colour you like while checking out.

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