PONT TUBE PONT TUBE Necklace - Longue Vue Design
Collection: Calanques (in Provence).
This unique pendant necklace is 100% hand-formed and handcrafted by the designer Alice.
This piece, shapes and textures are obtained by hand. Gradient effect with gold sparkles using the technique of foiling with 24K pure gold dust.



Please note that you may not receive the exact piece as pictured since every single piece is 100% handmade from scratch. It will though very similar: I will use the same colours, amount of clay and apply the same techniques.
You will get a ONE-OF-A-KIND piece because no designs is exactly like one another. 
Material: (polymer) clay hand-formed, gold-filled finish (USA), waxed cotton (Japan). Sparkles effect with 24 K pure gold dust.
FREE SHIPPING to Singapore: 2-3 business days.
International Shipping: 7-10 business days with fees (flexible rate depending on destination, usually 5-10 SGD).